Blackboard Ultra: Grading Tests


This article explains how to grade tests in Blackboard Ultra.



How to Grade Tests


Use tests to measure student knowledge, gauge progress, and gather information from students.

Viewing Student Grades

1. Click Gradebook the navigation bar.
2. Toggle to grid view.
    The student grid displays the scores students have earned. Select a cell to edit the score.

Grading Student Test Submissions
Tests with correct answers set will be automatically graded by Blackboard. You will need to manually grade open ended responses.

1. Click Gradebook from the navigation bar.
2. Select the test that needs to be graded.
    The submissions page opens.
3. Select a student’s name to open the grading page.
The student’s test submission will open. From this screen, you can do the following:
  • Use the Grading Status filter to display all students or select the Needs Grading filter to focus on remaining graded work.
  • Select the Questions tab on the left to grade the submissions by question. The center panel will display all the student responses to an individual question. This is useful when grading essay questions.
  • Select the feedback button for a question to enter feedback specific to the student's response.
IDDC Pro Tip: Grades will only be visible to you until you post them to the gradebook. You can post grades individually as you grade each student’s work or you can post all grades at once.
6. To post a grade immediately, click the options menu and select Post. Optionally, click the "X" to return to the submissions page to post individual grades or all grades.



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