Blackboard Ultra: Importing Test Questions


This article explains how to import test questions in Blackboard Ultra.



How to Import Test Questions


Step 1: Formatting Your Word Document

Your document must be formatted a certain way in order to be successfully uploaded into the test generator. Within your Word document, use the following formatting rules.
1. Each question must be numbered either with a period or parenthesis following the number.
2. Each answer needs to be lettered either with a period or parenthesis with the correct answer marked with an asterisk prior to the letter.
3. The same can be done with more or less answer options, or true and false questions.
4. Finally, separate your question with a blank line between the last answer of a question and the first line of the next question. Hitting “enter” or “return” will drop you down a line in the document and allow you to start a new question.

Step 2: Using the Test Generator

Now that your test has been properly formatted, it can be uploaded into the test generator.
1. Go to
2. Enter a Test Name. This can be changed later in Blackboard.
3. Copy and paste the test from your Word document into the text field.
4. Click Generate Test Questions located underneath the textbox.
    If everything is formatted correctly it should look like this:
5. If all questions are highlighted green, you can move to step 6. If you have any questions highlighted red that means there is a formatting issue. These incorrect questions will look like this:
    To solve the formatting issue, hover your mouse over the questions and it will explain the error.
    Click on that text box and make the adjustments required.
6. Once all questions are highlighted green, click Download Question Pool.
    This will download a .zip file that you will then upload into Blackboard.

Step 3: Uploading Questions to Blackboard

1. Access your Blackboard course. Select Manage banks from the Detail and Actions panel on the left side.
2. Select the icon in the upper right corner. Select the .zip file you previously downloaded.
3. Once the import is successful, click to return to the course content page.

Step 4: Creating the Blackboard Test

1. From the course content page, select the plus sign where you want to add a test and choose Create.
2. Expand Assessment and choose Test.
3. Enter a test name.
4. Select the plus sign in the center of the screen and choose Reuse questions.
    The Reuse Question window opens.
5. Under Question Banks, select the test bank you previously uploaded.
6. Click Select all to import all questions. Optionally, adjust the point value for each question.
    Select Copy Questions.
7. Finally, adjust the visibility and availability settings by selecting the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

This document will explain, in detail, how to create and upload a multiple-choice test in Blackboard using a test generation website. This method is for professors who use Microsoft Word or a similar application to make their tests.



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