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How do I request access to Banner data?


Applicants are YSU employees requesting access to Banner data. There are multiple users who can initiate this request: the applicant themselves, the applicant’s supervisor, an administrative assistant, or a data custodian. An outline of the approval process for the data areas of HR/Payroll, Student, Financial Aid, and Alumni and Events follows:

  • If the applicant submits the request, the supervisor and the data custodian(s) approval is required.

  • If the applicant’s supervisor or an administrative assistant submits the request on behalf of the applicant, the supervisor and data custodian(s) approval is required.

  • If the data custodian submits the request on behalf of the applicant, no approval is required.

Note: Finance requests are not processed through this service.

  • If you need finance access, visit this webpage, click on the Banner Security Finance Application Form / Instructions, and follow the instructions on the webpage to download and submit the form to Controller's office. 
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Coordinator of Financial Systems at ext. 1716. 

The Banner areas’ approval processes are separate. An applicant may request access to multiple Banner areas at once but may not be granted access to everything requested. An example flowchart of the approval process follows:

The steps for requesting access to Banner-specific data are outlined below:

  1. Navigate to Application for Banner Services in the service catalog.
  2. Click on Request Service on the right side of the screen.
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    1. Applicant: This is the name of the person requesting access or modification to their access. Note: If you are filling this application on behalf of the applicant, put their name in this field. There are multiple ways to locate the applicant: by using their first and last name, Banner ID, or email address.
    2. Department: This is the applicant’s department, and it should autofill based on the applicant’s name.
    3. Describe job function and duties of the applicant related to Banner data access: Enter the job function and duties that the applicant performs that realtes to their need for Banner data access.
    4. Access Request Type: Select the appropriate radio button below:
      • New if requesting Banner access for the first time.
      • Modify if changing or removing Banner access a text box will appear to describe the needed modification. 
      • Delete if deleting the applicant’s Banner account and all access.
    5. Requested Need By Date: Select a date for which the request should be completed.
    6. Requested Banner Security: Select the Banner area(s) that are applicable to this request. 
      • If WebFocus reporting is needed, select Yes.
    7. Additional options will appear depending on the areas selected.
      • If HR / Payroll is selected, click the WebTime Entry Approver box if the applicant needs the ability to approve WebTime entries.
      • If Student is selected, select role(s) which best describe student data you are requesting.
    8. Attachment: Attach any files associated with the ticket.
  4. Click the Request button when finished.
  5. Email notifications are automatically sent to the individuals with approval ability. These emails will prompt them to review the request and then approve or reject it. For example, if the applicant themselves submits the request, the email will be sent first to their supervisor. Once the request is approved by their supervisor, an email will be sent prompting the associated data custodian(s) to review it.
  6. If the data custodian approves the request, they will complete and attach their Banner-specific form indicating what access can be granted to the applicant.
  7. Data Custodians will download the Banner-specific forms from the article Banner Data Access – Data Custodian Forms.
    1. Check the boxes to indicate which classes of data the applicant will gain or lose access to.
    2. If you need to indicate a class not listed on the form, type it in the empty field and check either the Add or Del box. Otherwise, leave the blank field unfilled.
    3. Type the current date on the Date line.
    4. Type the applicant’s name on the Applicant line.
    5. Type the data custodian’s name on the Data Custodian line.
    6. Type any notes about the applicant’s requested data access on the Notes line.
  8. Data Custodians will complete the form, indicating the approved access and upload it to the request.
  9. IT will grant or revoke the access according to data custodian’s attached form. Note: If the form from the data custodian is not attached, IT should assume the request is not approved.
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