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How do I launch Banner 9? 


Following these steps will prevent Banner Admin Page errors such as  "Service Invocation Failed", "Your Session has Expired.  Click Reload to access the Login Page" and "ERROR  (user) not authorized to access (Banner page)”  

Use Google Chrome

Banner Admin Pages is compatible with many browsers but testing by Ellucian has shown that Banner Admin Pages runs noticeably faster in Chrome.   Mozilla Firefox is also a supported browser. 

Use Private Browsing

To mitigate Banner Admin Page issues that can be caused by browser caching, you can run Banner Admin Pages in private browsing. In Chrome, this is referred to as an Incognito Window.  In Mozilla Firefox this is referenced as a Private Window

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Open the Chrome menu (it’s a little button at the top right of the screen, directly next to the address bar, and has three vertical dots)
  3. Click New Incognito Window.
  4. Access Banner as you normally do.

Opening Multiple Banner Admin Pages on different tabs of a browser, causes odd behavior. 

  • It is not recommended to open multiple, Banner Admin Pages using one browser with multiple tabs displaying different Admin Pages
  • It is recommended to open multiple, Banner Admin Pages using different browsers.  Chrome can be used to open an occurrence of Banner Admin Pages, and Firefox can be used to open a second occurrence of Banner Admin Pages.  Again, only one tab in each browser should be used for Banner Admin Pages.  
  • If you commonly have more than one active Banner 9 session, it is recommended that you run these in separate Chrome windows.
  • Opening Banner Admin Pages in multiple tabs, using one browser tends to cause this error "Your Session has Expired.  Click Reload to access the Login Page":

Closing Your Browser

It is important that when you are finished accessing Banner Admin Pages (periodically throughout your day) that each pages is closed individually.   To logout of individual Banner Admin Pages, simply close each open Banner page (use the 'X' *inside* the Banner page).  Once all Banner pages are close. use the 'sign out' icon   on the left to close the entire Banner session.:  

Clear Your Browser's History and Cookies

Clearing your browser’s history and cookies can help Banner 9 to run more efficiently. For detailed steps on how to do this, see the article How to Clear Browser History and Cookies in Chrome and Firefox.

The following steps will prevent this error : “ERROR  (user) not authorized to access (Banner page)”.

Each Banner Admin Page opened, creates a new Oracle Session.  You are given 8 Oracle sessions.  One session is used for just logging in (for Application Navigator). 

The 'Recently Opened' folder on the left side of the navigation bar   will only show pages you have visited. It does not relay how many Banner 9 Admin Pages you actually opened/running.  It recommended once you have viewed/updated information on an Admin Page, that you close that Page using the ‘x’ at the top left of the Page before opening another one (or, you must be mindful of how many Banner 9 Admin Pages you have actually open/running).


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