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Should I bring a computer, mobile device, media streaming box, game console, or other Internet-enabled device to campus?


Incoming students and/or their parents frequently wonder what electronic devices they should bring to college. YSU has computer labs (both Mac and Windows based) in larger residence halls, Kilcawley Center, Maag Library, and most building. Students may still find it useful to have a personal laptop, mobile device, media streaming box, game console, or other Internet enabled device such as a Smart TV or Internet-enabled Blu-Ray player. 

Note: Many residence halls now use a third-party internet provider and are not on YSU's network. Please contact your specific housing residence with questions about bringing your own device, internet security, internet access, and internet connectivity in the dorms or residence halls. 

 YSU Wireless Network 

YSU has deployed wireless internet access across campus. The wireless access points require a wireless radio supporting the 802.11a/g/n specification. These access points broadcast on the ysuwireless, ysuwifi and attwifi networks.

  • ysuwireless or ysuwifi is available to YSU faculty, staff and students and uses the WPA2 Enterprise authentication method to authenticate users with their MyYSU Directory Account name and password.
  • attwifi is available to guests of YSU as well as YSU faculty, staff and students and uses a web browser to authenticate users. Access can be purchased for $1.99 a day, but this network can be used for no cost by YSU faculty, staff and students, as well as by anyone with an AT&T account.

 Network Security Information

When connecting devices to the YSU Network, the following steps should always be taken to protect the information on your device:

  • Set a password or lock code/pattern.
  • Make sure that anti-virus software is installed, updated, and regularly run (if applicable).
  • Make sure automatic updates for the operating system and its applications are enabled and working properly (if applicable) or that these updates are installed on a regular basis.
  • Turn on device encryption if your device has sensitive information on it that should not be accessed if the device was lost or stolen.


Routers (wired and wireless), switches, hubs, access points, bridges or any other devices meant for splitting or sharing an Internet connection are PROHIBITED. This also includes the use of software packages that perform Network Address Translation (NAT) that may or may not be included with your operating system. Additionally, any users found to be not in compliance with this may be blocked from accessing the YSU network.

For more assistance with bringing your own device and connecting it to the YSU network, contact the IT Service Desk at (330) 941-1595 or at You can also submit a service request

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