MFA: Sign-up for Multifactor Authentication (MFA)


How to sign up for multi-factor authentication


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) creates an additional level of security and protection of your YSU account.  It verifies your identity by requiring multiple credentials.  You will be prompted during the sign in process to verify your identity and this is often achieved by entering a code that you receive via text or email. 

NOTE:  You do not need MFA while on campus on the YSU network. 

To set up MFA: 

  1. Log out of all Microsoft Office 365 Sessions: Email, MS Teams, Word, Excel, etc. 
  2. Navigate to on your computer. 
  3. NOTE: If just setting up the account, it may automatically start the enrollment process.  
  4. Do not select to use the Microsoft Authenticator App. Look for the link under the box that states: I want to use a different method of authentication
  5. Select Authentication Phone or Phone
  6. Select your preferred method for authentication. (Most common method is "Send me a code by text message.)

additional security verification selections

  1. Select authentication phone. 
  2. Select your Country (IE: United States). 
  3. Enter your phone number. (box to the right of country) 
  4. Click next. 
  5. Enter the verification code that you receive via text to your phone. 

step 2 additional security verification text message option selected

  1. Click verify. 
  2. Click DONE on the next pop up screen.  (Do not worry about Step 3 and app passwords) 
  3. Select an application such as Office 365 (Penguin Portal) to sign in. 
  4. Enter your full YSU email address. 

Microsoft sign in, use your full YSU email address

  1. Pick your YSU account. 
  2. Enter your YSU username (everything before the @ sign of your email address) and 
  3. Enter your YSU password on the YSU sign in page. 

Penguin portal


  1. Enter the verification code you receive via phone or email. 
  2. Check the box to not ask again for 60 days. 
  3. Click Verify. 


  1. Choose to stay signed in or not. 

  • If you select to stay signed in, it will not ask for 60 days unless you clear your browser history. 


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