How to Lecture Capture Using Webex


How do I capture my lecture using Webex Meetings?

  1. Open your Map PowerPoint.

  2. On your desktop, look for and click the Webex Meetings Icon.

  1. Click Start a Meeting.

  1. On the next screen, click the camera button and it will turn red. Click Start Meeting.

  1. Click the share screen button and select Screen 1.    

  2. Once you share your screen, hover your cursor above the orange share bar at the top of the screen and click Record.

  3. On the pop-up box, make sure it says Record in the cloud and click the red record button. Then, click the small X in the upper right corner of the record box to make it go away while you record.

  4. Start your lecture going through your PowerPoint.

  5. Once you are finished lecturing, move your cursor back up to the orange share bar and click the record button again. Click Stop.

  6. Up in the orange share bar, click Stop share.

  7. Click the big red X to leave the meeting.

  8. You will then get an email message that your recording is ready. It will take a while, as it takes time for the recording to process.

  9. Once you get the email, open a browser and navigate to 

  10. Sign in using your YSU email address.

  11. Sign in with your YSU username and password.


  1. Click the recordings button located in the left column.

  1. Once the recordings page appears, click the share button.

  1. Click the copy button.

  1. Paste the link in blackboard or send the link to your students.

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